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advertising, marketing, media buyingMedia Buying is Advertising Management with Strategy

Many business people ask “What is a media buyer?”  The answer is twofold.  A media buyer is a person who uses media performance research to procure advertising at the best pricing and placement for your marketing success.

The purpose of a media buyer is to optimize every dollar that you, the business owner, invest in advertising.  A media buyer’s job is to deliver the maximum return on your advertising investment (ROI)

Why You Need a Media Buyer for your Advertising

You need a media buyer to save you from yourself!

Many business owners are solicited, either in their place of business or via telephone, by advertising sales reps.  Sales reps can be from local TV, newspaper, radio and internet marketing companies.  If the sales rep is personable, each of these office visits or phone calls can be enjoyable.  But let’s face it; these are time consuming intrusions when you could be focusing on how to grow your business.

If you really don’t know or understand how to strategically buy your advertising, you could be throwing valuable marketing investment dollars to the wind.

Once you enlist the help of a media buyer, all advertising sales reps must deal with your media buyer.  This frees you from making regrettable commitments and  gives you the time you need to focus on your specialty…your business.

How a Media Buyer manages your Advertising

Your media buyer will purchase media using research. The research provides valuable insight to match the proposed advertising with your desired market base.  Research analysis must prove that the proposed advertising meets all requirements of your business in demographic, geographic and psychographic criteria.  It is only then that your media buyer will negotiate the best rates and placement for your advertising.

Smart Advertising is Media Buy Solutions

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