Marketing is Evolutionary

social media, marketing, marketing is evolutionaryThe scope of marketing channels change almost daily and so must your marketing strategy in order to effectively evolve in the marketplace.  However, don’t let go of tried and true marketing techniques.  Continue to use traditional forms of media and incorporate new media (social, web, etc) to broaden your reach.

In addition to the various new ways to market your business, it is equally important to keep your marketing message updated to reflect your business offerings to existing customers and new customers alike.

Start-Up Marketing

Start-up marketing is designed to brand your business and inform your target core-customer of your products or services, your location and a valid reason why new customers should choose your business over your competitor.

If your marketing is on point and you begin to see a shift from your competitors to your business, you should continue your message with slightly updated changes while still within the time frame of start-up.

On the other hand, it is very common to see businesses continue, after maturing, to use the same start-up messaging.  As a business matures, opportunities change.  Customers are now seeking your business rather than the other way around.  When this happens, you are no longer in start-up marketing mode.  It’s time to change your message if your start-up marketing has done it’s job.

Review your Marketing Focus

No doubt, if your business has grown, you have added new products or services.  This should now be your marketing focus.

Depending on the “buying cycle” of your product or service, the ‘buying-cycle’ for existing customers will vary.  Knowing the ‘buying-cycle’ of your product or service is key to formulating your marketing message.

It is important to keep aware of how to reach out to inform existing satisfied customers of  your news as well as targeting new customers with new offerings, products or services.

Each day that you turn the key to open your place of business, you should be aware of your industry’s marketing changes.  Discover how those changes fit into your marketing scheme and incorporate them into your marketing messages.  Change is good and it is what keeps things moving forward, thus, evolutionary marketing.

Be Aware of your Competitor’s Marketing

Keeping watch of competitive activity, in our out of your local area, is one good way to conceive innovative strategies on keeping the evolution of your business moving in step.  Analyze your immediate needs for business growth and tailor new marketing messages to keep your business growth balanced with returning customers and new customers.

The evolutionary aspect of your business is to keep your existing customers informed and to create new business that turns prospects into satisfied returning customers.

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