Advertising Doesn’t Work!

advertising in charleston, advertising media, media buy, marketing, media solutionsThe Naysayers of Advertising

In the past 15 years in the ad business, I cannot tell you how many times a potential client would say “Advertising doesn’t work”.  Inevitably, after in-depth review with the client, I would find out why.

The Advertising Message

When a client decides to advertise, they usually try to draft their own advertising message content.

The problem with that is many advertisers create messages that have no real value to their potential customer.  The advertiser will use this message over and over again hoping for positive results.  When no results are experienced, the client will say “Advertising doesn’t work”.

In this case, a professional copy writer is needed.  The client may offer the copy writer all the information they feel is important about their business.  It is the job of the copy writer to take that information and transform it into a message of value to the potential customer.

What to expect from Advertising

Recently, I had a client tell me “We got a call from the ad.  The lead was spot-on.  I don’t think it will lead to anything”.

Now, what is most clear about that statement is the attitude of the advertiser.  What was he expecting from the ads placed in targeted media?

Good advertising is positioned to make the phone ring or to get customers in the door.  If a business is not prepared for the return they get from their ads, then they weren’t expecting to do business in the first place.  It almost sounds unbelievable, but it is true more times than not.  Many businesses spend money to advertise and they do not prepare themselves or their staff for positive results.  In other words, they didn’t expect the advertising to work.  Even worse, they don’t close the deal, even when it comes knocking on their door.  The end result in their mind is “Advertising doesn’t work!”

If you still believe advertising doesn’t work, see if you know the answers to the following:

What insurance company became famous because of a duck?, Who used the slogan “See what Brown can do for You”.  How about “Snap, Crackle, Pop”…or “Please don’t squeeze the__________” or whose young sons may have been moved by “Be All That You Can Be”

How does Advertising work?

Advertising works best when you brand your business and use that brand in various forms of media that are properly integrated.

Audiences are fragmented.  There are now so many ways to reach people yet only so much can be drawn from your budget to use in an integrated media campaign.

If you’re not a brain surgeon, why would you try to perform brain surgery?  If you’re not a marketing specialist or media buyer, why lose your marketing budget in a gamble?  Advertising works when you work with a professional who can guide you and advise you.

If you are serious about learning how to grow your business through advertising, call Media Buy Solutions today.  Check out our testimonial page for valid endorsements of our results.

We look forward to earning your business.

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