Customers want Interaction

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The days of pushing your products or services onto customers solely through traditional media are dwindling.  It’s time to get to know your customer more thoroughly for direct and meaningful messaging.

How to Discover your Customer’s Needs & Wants

Customers want to be able to be addressed on a more personal level.  Your customer needs to know that you know what they need.  Repeat:  Your customer needs to know…that you know… what they need.

Regardless of what executive position you hold in your business, you need to speak to the people on the front line; those employees that hear everything from your customers.

Align yourself with your front line personnel and ask them what your customers like best and least about your business or service.  Find out the general age, education, interests and financial means of your customers.  Only then will you be able to determine how to communicate with existing and potential customers to grow your business.

Be where Your Customer Is

In today’s world, people (customers) are getting their information from various media channels.  Although people still watch TV, listen to radio and read publications, they also spend much of their day communicating through social media, texts and emails.

Developing a program to deliver your message directly to your customer through digital options and branded content is increasingly important.

TV, radio, print and email are still relevant communication channels but now they need digital communication to strengthen your reach.

The Challenge of Multi-Channel Marketing to your Customer

Not every business has an advertising budget to be able to accomplish the best of all worlds with multichannel sources.

Once you have aligned yourself with your front line employees to learn more about your customer, you will be able to choose the best option for getting effective messaging out to your best customer.

This effort can be a challenge for any business owner who does not have the professional staff to research, integrate and implement this strategy.

If you need professional assistance in determining the best media channel for your business, call the professionals at Media Buy Solutions today.

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