Durbin Emerson
Founder, Harbour House Inc soon to dba Fisher House of Charleston

Durbin Emerson

It is amazing how, when you know you have bitten off more than you can chew, help comes when you least expect it but desperately need it. For me that help came in the form of Joanne Reynolds, an extremely smart, gifted woman that is as dedicated to the work she does as the cause she has chosen to support with her time and talent.

A small group of us founded a 501c3 charitable corp to raise money to ultimately help build a Fisher House for the RHJ VA Med Center in Charleston. The problem we had is that we are technological neanderthals that know nothing about how to utilize social media, but worse, even traditional media, TV and radio, was beyond our ability to access. Joanne Reynolds is a master of radio and TV ad placement.

Although her efforts for us have been complicated by irritating legal technicalities beyond her control, Joanne’s management of the problems these have caused her has been exemplary. She has the patience of Job, and the grace to handle difficulty with humor. Joanne has been a blessing to me and to what we are trying to accomplish. When we succeed, and we will, it will be in no small part due to her. She has pushed to make us better and inspired me when she did not give up on us when other people probably would have. I simply cannot say enough how thankful I am that, by some quirk of fate, Joanne Reynolds came to our rescue!

Dr. Ronen Rotem, Center for Beautiful Smiles, Toms River NJ.

drrotem, dental marketing, media buying

Joanne Reynolds has been doing all my media buying for over 10 years.She consistently gets me the best deals the cable, radio, internet and print advertisers have to offer.

Joanne regularly comes up with and spearheads multiple marketing campaigns that have brought me the type of customers I want and ultimately increases my bottom line.

I have become well known in my community and have a great reputation because of all the work Joanne has done. If you don’t have the time, know-how or inclination to constantly deal with experienced vendors and are not good at keeping track of where the advertisers are placing your ad – Joanne is the person for you.

Most importantly I have trusted Joanne for all these years because she is always looking out for my best interest, nobody gets anything by her.

Lester Keiser, CEO-Co Owner Business Continuity Technologies, Las Vegas Nevada
Lester Keizer

Joanne played a very important role in the management and creative development of our Marketing Department.

Her diligence to detail and her passion for marketing was an invaluable asset to our company. She is a self-starter, highly motivated person. I would like to personally recommend her to any company or individual who is looking for marketing expertise.

Frances Kirschner, President
Frantasy Enterprises LLC

Fran Kirschner

I know this for sure—Joanne Reynolds of Reynolds Marketing & Media Services is the person you want on your team to help market and publicize your clients.

She is creative, she plans well-thought out and coordinated campaigns, and she works extremely well with me and my public relations firm in helping me publicize clients.  We have had a long and successful business relationship and I highly recommend Joanne Reynolds.

Marge Guglielmo, General Sales Manager, Greater Media

Marge Guglielmo
In this competitive world, it takes a team to help clients and nonprofits grow their businesses. We have found that Joanne Reynolds of Reynolds Marketing & Media Services is an important member of our team.

Joanne has a wealth of experience, having worked in both cable T.V. and radio before starting her own ad agency. With this knowledge and experience, Joanne Reynolds puts together integrated programs, innovative promotions, and creative concepts for her clients that include well-negotiated media buys and events.

We, at Greater Media Radio, have worked with Joanne for many years and have seen first-hand how her marketing campaigns and great programs are a win-win for everyone involved. It’s great to have Joanne Reynolds of Reynolds Marketing & Media Services as part of our team, helping nonprofits and clients grow their businesses.


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